Bounce Rate - how to make it better?

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I have found that my Bounce Rate is 62.32%, I understand to make that better I need to keep visitors on the website longer, my entire website consists off is content (text) and photos.

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How are you achieving a good Bounce rate?


  • Elizabeth SwellElizabeth Swell BirminghamRegistered Users
    According to mine research there are 20+ factors by which you can make your bounce rate better.....
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    Hi @GrahamUK33‌! :)

    Below are tips for a better bounce rate. Good luck to you!

    • Bounce rate happens when a visitor didn't find what he's looking for on your website to prevent that choose the right keyword. Use keywords that describes what exactly your website is all about.

    • Use Good Layout. You can surely make your visitors go back to your site if they loved your layout. Your website must be usere friendly.

    • Speed Up Pageload. Visitors hate slow website if that can't be prevented, set external links to open in new windows.

    • Unique Contents. Content is the King. You website must be informative and Unique.
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    Informative content, quick links/site links, well structured layout with navigation, etc. are essential factors to reduce bounce rate of a website.
  • freepricecomparefreepricecompare LondonRegistered Users
    Dear Graham,

    Have u ever read the definition of bounce rate given by the Google itself in Google Analytics?

    As per the Google, "Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page)."

    Lower bounce rate or higher bounce rate has no concern with your ranking but yes, how much time visitor spends on your site or page is matters. If visitor spends adequate time on a page and left the site then it won't consider as bad thing for search engine ranking. Yes, Average session duration and Page/session are two most important factors you should keep in mind while analysing your website performance..
  • liveproteamliveproteam Bhilai,IndiaRegistered Users
    to decrease the bounce rate of your website you must have to avoid the fake traffic or free traffic. Which you are receiving from the market. It will affect your website as well as it will affect your website also. Therefore google will also remove you from page indexing. for more details visit
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  • arinamurreyarinamurrey Registered Users
    There are various things should be consider, however, as you knows that mobile speed & friendleness is really matter a lot. So please could you please check your webiste speed through google new speed & mobile friendly checker :
  • traceywoodtraceywood United KingdomRegistered Users
    Use informative content and build strong link building to make strong bounce rate and increase visitors on your sites.
  • alexhalesalexhales Registered Users
    Bounce rate usually increase due to large load time of a website. if you want to reduce your website loading time then optimize it's images and other graphics used on the website. Industrial Roofing Contractors
  • DocmateDocmate Orange, CARegistered Users
    62.32% is an average bounce rate, more increase in website traffic will also lead to bounce rate, Try to control bounce rate under 60%. Do theme based SEO and reduce loading time of the website. These two simple steps will help you in avoiding bounce rate.
  • aosproductsaosproducts Registered Users
    Need complete Mobile Optimized, Impressive on-page contents and high speed for accessing your website improve your web bounce rate.
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