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GrahamUK33GrahamUK33 Hinckley, LeicestershireRegistered Users
I have created a website ( which started off as a landing page for a Facebook Group. The website is now going to be used as a proper website but with a link to Facebook along with a donations section (when we get our bank account).

I am looking for some help with SEO to get a better ranking with Google, looking at getting somewhere on page 1 if I can, but the first 2 pages would be a good goal to start with.


  • markjaibymarkjaiby United KingdomRegistered Users
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  • sathishvaihasathishvaiha IndiaRegistered Users
    May I know for which type of terms you are going to target, So that I can help you for further @GrahamUK33

    Before going in-depth-SEO analysis - Your website doesn't seems like a trustworthy to donate something.
    Its PR is too low - Not a big deal
    Build some sponsored or organic/natural reviews. Increase the WOT trust value
  • GrahamUK33GrahamUK33 Hinckley, LeicestershireRegistered Users
    The target is people who live, work or have moved away from Hinckley (town in the UK), it will be for all ages to use so needs to be very easy to get around. I have also noticed that some visits are from smartphones such as iPhone.

    Content will be added over time with more and more information about local buildings, events that happened in the town, etc.

    I’m not sure how to make a website look trustworthy!
  • ItsInteriorItsInterior Registered Users
    just go to seomoj you can ind your answer there
  • alicemarkalicemark Registered Users
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  • jospehjospeh Registered Users
    classified, Article Submission and Article exchange activities are useful to SEO according to me.
  • williamjohnwilliamjohn Los AngelesRegistered Users
    Do more blog post, so that you can cover more keywords as well as participate forum posting.
  • freepricecomparefreepricecompare LondonRegistered Users
    You can find number of link building websites that allow you to build your website link for free because you are in non-profit category. Please build links on all those sites. If you have any physical address and phone number, then register it to Google Place, this will give you local factor advantage. To Bring people who are reading news or updates about Hinckley to your site, subscribe in Google News alert with word "Hinckley" by using your email address. Google will send all news or articles published on the web regarding Hinckley. Take part into discussion through comment section and put your NGO's point whenever you found it worthwhile.
  • alexhalesalexhales Registered Users
    You do need to hire a SEO Master to help you to rank your website target keywords on 1st page of .

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