Still not ranking despite some work

I have recently been doing some work on this site which was not ranking for the key phrase 'kennels for sale'. It ranks very highly in bing, yahoo etc but not in google.

I did quite a lot of 'basic' stuff - submitting to google, xml map, preferred domain. The site had the same title on every page, which I altered adding in 'kennels for sale' and also putting it into the body text on the pages and altering the h1 tags. We have also worked on our backlinks.

This was all done about a month ago and the site is still not ranking for "kennels for sale" but ranking highly for "kennel sales". We have a page rank of 1/10. What's depressing is that I notice one of our competitors ranks first page. I don't wish to knock the them because they are clearly doing something right ...

I realise the SEO work is an ongoing process but what I want to know is why isn't the site ranking for this term, and what to try next.
Many thanks


  • manaskrmanaskr Registered Users
    will you please check kennels sales or kennels sale , i guess these must not be well ranked if these keywords are ranked then may i have your website name pls .

    make sure give your website name here without hyper / anchor just an text like abc (dot) com
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