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My website is new and want to optimize in UK, What I do?

My website ::


  • asiawebnetasiawebnet Registered Users
    edited September 2013
    you will analysis our related website and check what have do and search UK link building site like directory, social bookmarking, article, press release, blog commenting, forum posting than start work on our website your website is rank in search engine etc.
  • KylieSweetKylieSweet SEO world100 Post Club
    My website is new and want to optimize in UK, What I do?

    I already visited your website and I would suggest to use "uk packaging supplier" or "packaging supplier in uk" keyword phrase to target your visitors and clients in UK but it is highly competitive in the market and you need to focus on your targeted keyword to be able to reach your customers effectively and produce possible conversion of leads. This is only a suggestion for you to have an idea before the promotions.
  • renoldscottrenoldscott USA, NYRegistered Users
    I have visited your site. first of all you should change you website design and make it SEO Friendly. then you should submit the product in product base directory of UK and do all the off page activities.
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