Netelixir launches SEO Rank Checker tool with interesting features !!

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This tool tracks your website rank on Google and Bing (for up to 5 keywords), daily. You can also track your competitors' website ranks for the selected keywords.

Registered users benefit from three wonderful features of this free tool.
- Analyze keyword ranking trends for custom date range using trend charts.
- Set custom email alerts for changes in keyword rankings.
- Get weekly keyword ranking report emailed to their mail box.

Link to the tool -

Would love to know your reviews !!


  • KylieSweetKylieSweet SEO world100 Post Club
    I already visited the website daily seo rank checker and I'm not satisfied with the results because my rankings in Bing is correct but in Google it is wrong :(

    Daily SEO Rank Checker
    Google Rank = 2
    Google Rank = 47
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