What is the Rule of Google Panda ?

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Do you know Google is updating on weekly. Because before 1 months my site was come on 3 pr but again google update on 18-07-11 then my site rank again come 2 pr.

If you have any idea about Google Panda then share please ?


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    Here are some important aspects of Panda -
    -Unique contents are highly appreciated
    -Google will look for feedback
    -User comfort level is considered
    -Too many ads will be a problem
    - Does not have a 100 % bounce rate
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    Google Panda is latest Released algorithm Launched by google. this is launched to make web spam free. this is very good step taken by google to punish Spammer
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    That is good, I like this google panda
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    -Google will look for feedback

    What do you mean by feedback, users leaving comments something like that
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    1 - Content should be original
    2- Doesn't do keywords stuffing
    3- Make your link on good followers
  • Elizabeth SwellElizabeth Swell BirminghamRegistered Users
    No I think Google update their data daily because many sites change their pr at next day........
  • williamhuntingwilliamhunting Registered Users
    doesn matter be cool
  • northerntrannortherntran Registered Users
    But its affecting our keyword ranking a lot...
  • bizworldusaanubizworldusaanu Registered Users
    Through assessing users’ feedback signals, Google recognized that the most emphasis was placed on trustworthiness; Panda (the person) then created a computer program that would also rate sites based on these three things as well, known as Google Panda. The explanation the book provided was that Google Panda is a:

    …filter designed to weed out low quality pages. If a site has too many low quality pages, Google now flags the entire site as being untrustworthy.

    Google, like any other for-profit institution, looks to improve upon its search results in order to provide not only the fastest answer, to ensure that users keep returning, but that those instantaneous search results offer the user an experience that is both wanted (or relevant) and trustworthy. Google also wants to highlight or provide users with sites which offer the highest levels of engagement, which in turn gives value. Once Google Panda was up, running and flagging sites, it became clear to web developers and SEO professionals that best practices were no longer acceptable, that they were now potentially harmful to an organic search ranking. A number of large, highly ranked sites reported to Google that their once high rankings in search results had either decreased drastically, or had disappeared altogether. Though there are no absolutes in the world of SEO for Google, practitioners have learned there are a few major best practices changes that now affect rankings.

    thank you.

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    Google panda is very important through that its strictly chack website content. if any you publish in sites that is already promote any other sites. so its very spamming . so its called Panda.
  • pinaki123pinaki123 Registered Users
    Use good quality unique content for your site, build good quality of back links, do less directory for your site, do not spam.
  • seoconsultantlondonseoconsultantlondon London, England, UKRegistered Users
    In simple words, Google Panda encourages unique and fresh content.
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    Google Panda is designed to determine the originality , uniqueness and relevance of the content. if you don't want to lose your ranking and traffic to your website/ blog then you must care of content.

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