Which is the best way to increase more follower in LinkedIn?

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Which is the best way to increase more follower in LinkedIn................?


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    LinkedIn has the power to build strong communities and brand loyalists from its 433 million active members. The more brand advocates your company has, the more credible and trustworthy your brand becomes. So how do you develop a strong follower base to garner that trust? Here are 12 ways to get more followers on LinkedIn:

    1.Engage with your followers.
    2.Fine-tune your posting strategy.
    3.Make your content digestible.
    4.Tap into personal connections.
    5.Share company news and job opps.
    6.Add a “follow” button to your website.
    7.Ask your employees to engage with your content.
    8.Engage with LinkedIn groups.
    9.Optimize for SEO.
    10.Post content with appealing imagery.
    11.Cross-promote your page.
    12.Track progress and results.

    In order to grow your LinkedIn follower base, it’s important for your brand to keep its audience in mind. Place yourself in your consumer’s shoes, and you’ll find it easier to create engaging content that will resonate with users who are current or potential customers. Then sit back, watch the magic happen and remember:
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