Which are the best tips to improve website traffic?

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Which are the best tips to improve website traffic..............?


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    We’ll look at a variety of strategies that you can put into place right now and also how you can optimize each source of traffic.

    By the end of this post, you’ll have the peace of mind needed to know that your website isn’t going to crash and burn, just because of a change in Google’s algorithm.

    Is all traffic equal?

    Before we begin, I just want to remind you that not all traffic on your web site is equal. You want high quality web traffic.

    High quality traffic that is laser targeted is going to generate a better ROI than traffic that is not.

    Now while that might sound obvious, it is something that can be easily overlooked when trying to drive traffic to your web site.

    High traffic numbers can be a great thing, but if the traffic isn’t targeted, the numbers are just vanity metrics.

    Online advertising

    Online ads can instantly generate hundreds, if not thousands of clicks to your website.

    Plus, with a new ad and social media platform appearing and innovating regularly, getting your ads in front of the right people is becoming easier than ever.

    Guest blogging

    You can also use guest blogging as a tool for generating visitors to your web site.

    There are two things that you need to get right, when it comes to guest blogging.

    The first is finding websites that are suited to your niche and also will accept guest posts.

    You can find such websites by searching for them within Google.

    Blog commenting

    There’s also the option of using blog comments as a way to generate traffic to your site.

    In the past, I have managed to generate $25,000 as a result of 249 comments.

    So, how exactly do you go about using comments to generate traffic?

    First, you need to find sites that are posting content related to your niche.

    It’s worth mentioning that comments left on industry sites are going to bring you better results than blogs that are not related to your industry.

    I followed this rule myself and you’ll see from the chart below that most of my comments were left on ‘industry blogs.’

    Social media

    Social media can massively impact your business and its ability to generate traffic and sales.

    78% of companies now have dedicated social media teams and 54% of B2B marketers claim to have generated leads using social media.

    When it comes to social media, you can’t just barge into the ‘conversation’ and ask people to buy something from you or to visit your website to look at your lovely homepage.

    You need to provide value first, and develop some goodwill between you and your potential ‘followers.’

    This is why content marketing tends to work well, when combined with social media.

    With content marketing, you can first provide value to people, who will then be encouraged to visit your site.

    If your content is good enough, they’ll be persuaded to visit again, so that they can consume some of your latest content.
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    social media advertising
    Write Irresistible Headlines
    Start Guest Blogging
    Target Long-Tail Keywords

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    The main source of traffic is your website content and content promotion to other channels. Improve and update that content that can give you high traffic. Identify under-performing content from blog or service pages. Republish content with helpful information and visuals. Take help of social media networks and highly authoritative social bookmarking platforms to promote your content.
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