SEO vs SMO Who is Most Important Today?

Search Engine optimization and Social Media Optimization both are the important for rank a website and make your online presence but between then what is most important for an Ecommerce Website.


  • AllysonRulesAllysonRules Registered Users
    both are essential for online marketing as they drive potential clients and help in building brand awareness.
  • itswebitsweb Registered Users
    If the site is newly developed one then SMO is majorly considered, that may benefit SEO as well. A eCommerce website needs more user engagement in the initial days. Brand awareness is the essential criterion to get more benefit through SEO.
  • Bodhost UKBodhost UK Registered Users
    SEO is search engine optimisation and SMO is social media optimisation. SEO focuses more on link building and other areas too. SMO can be a part of SEO and now it has increasingly being a part of SEO. However, it is necessary that one should focus on both the aspects. Since, algorithms and search engines update almost daily, it is important that SEO and SMO strategies will also update and evolve with time. SMO can help in increasing your customer base in a short span of time and SEO can help in improving your rankings on search engines. Something that both share is quality content. It is important to understand that search engines value meaningful and engaging content. SMO enables you to connect with potential customers and SEO helps in ranking higher on search engines.
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