How to create google business page?

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How to create google business page?


  • CochelCochel Registered Users
    Follow these 5 easy steps in creating your google business page:

    1. Gmail account that is accessible to many members of your marketing team.
    2. Create a page that appropriately classify your business
    3. Build and customize your public profile
    4. Page Promotion by posting regularly valuable and fresh content
    5. Get going on your strategies.

    Or if you need more visualized steps, you can go to youtube and watch how to do it.
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    there are many good ways to make google business page chek it out at
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    TO create Google business page these are the 5 steps you need to follow

    Choose an Accessible Gmail Account
    Create a Page with the Desired Account
    Customize Your Public Profile
    Promote Your Page
    Get Going!

  • AllysonRulesAllysonRules Registered Users
    You just need to create a gmail account, then creation of page is as easy. then on the upper portion you can g+, then click on that one and it will enable you to create a business page.
  • Steffy_BerlinSteffy_Berlin Registered Users
    1. Select category and add basic information
    2. Customize the page
    3. Describe your business with Taglines
    4. Once you started, begin to share it.
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