Which is the best social networking site?



  • chandanachandana TutorsWeb, India.Registered Users
    I am using Facebook and Quora.
  • Xe_GraphXe_Graph Registered Users
    It depends on how your purpose of using the social media. If it's for promotional purposes, you use the one that could accommodate your goals. In my experience, when using the social media other than for personal use, I easily gained followers in both Twitter and Google plus, and then pinterest and facebook. My personal favorite though is Google plus. I tried to search for our targeted keyword in the Google search engine and my share on that topic popped out but not directly the source of the page but the post I made on that topic in Google +. I hope that made sense.
  • cybneticscybnetics delhiRegistered Users
    Facebook and Twitter both are best Sites of Social media.
  • WomenzModularWomenzModular Registered Users
    Best social bookmarking sites are facebook,myspace,twitter.
  • BrookechloeBrookechloe Registered Users
    social networking sites are made to increase the visibility of the work which is being done by an individual, group, community or an organization. So In my point of view, every social networking website has its own type of audience and every social media channel is running because it has have wide range of interested user, marketers, even every type of community. e.g Facebook has its own audience, you can call quick spreading, meaning heavy instant traffic. same twitter, but have some more mature audience and users, here comes linkedin for pro people and so on. I love to use all social networking sites, because all are best especially G+.
  • alicemarkalicemark Registered Users
    These days Facebook ,Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus are the best social media platform. You can manage all these social media audit by online SEO tool ViduPM.
  • fsdannyfsdanny los angeles,caRegistered Users
    This is really a fact which way you want to use social networking sites. This is the point of my view that the most available and effective social networking site is Facebook . Reason everyone easily can use it. i can give it 9 out of 10. as well as some others social networking site works very well .
    1. Facebook *****
    2. Google plus ****
    3. Twitter ***
    4. pinterest **
    5. Linkdin ****
    6. sumo **
  • elmomontana017elmomontana017 Lake Charles, LARegistered Users
    Facebook is the best social networking site.
  • vinborisvinboris Registered Users
    As such there is no fix parameters that could finalize which one is the best social networking site. So I would like to say all are the best on their own place.
  • fsmrashidfsmrashid Rangpur,BangladeshRegistered Users
    I think face book is the best social networking site.
  • litonkrllitonkrl Dinajpur, BangladeshRegistered Users
    There are many such as :
    Gaia Online
    iWiW and more...

    All have own characters. So it's really hard to say which is the best.

  • CochelCochel Registered Users
    edited February 2016
    Social networking sites can help your website boost its visibility and traffic. They are very useful when you are posting or sharing some of your updated posts and content. Mostly used and popular social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Buffer, and Google+. Actually, you can put a social media button to your website. Like for these examples:

    http://smallbizclub.com/ - It’s located at the upper right corner of the website
    http://superhero.ph/ - it’s located at the bottom left corner of the website
    https://searchenginewatch.com/ - Can be seen at the lower and upper side of the website

    It’s necessary in case someone visits your website and then they can directly follow your social media profiles by clicking those buttons from your site. This is also applicable to your blog page so that users can easily and directly share your content through your social media buttons.
  • thakurbloggerthakurblogger Shimla (India)Registered Users
    Pinterest are the best and mostly used social networking sites world wide.
    For creating quality backlinks and driving traffic to your website you can try out some Social Bookmarking sites here : http://www.thakurblogger.com/new-social-bookmarking-sites-list-2015/.
  • I think Facebook & LinkedIn are the best two social media sites.

    As business point of view, these are the best medias to expand online presence. These two sides help to generate leads, sell products or services, attract more visitors & to reach your goal.
  • samuel_roysamuel_roy Registered Users
    The best social networking sites is Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • itswebitsweb Registered Users
    To promote your business through via social network sites, Google + and Facebook are the best sources. Even youtube also serves good when diverting the traffic. If you are new to this then go for twitter first and then promote through facebook and g+.
  • pixelaurapixelaura MohaliRegistered Users
    Best social network sites are:
    Stumble Upon
  • dineshsdineshs Registered Users
  • JoomdevJoomdev New DelhiRegistered Users
    I agree with you prathvee it varies from person to person but if I'd choose the option you have mentioned then facebook, twitter, google+ and LinkedIn is my favorite.
  • traceywoodtraceywood United KingdomRegistered Users
    All these social networking platforms are important for build up business goodwill. i think that facebook, goolge+ and Linkedin are best.
  • itswebitsweb Registered Users
    In my point of view, just concentrate on the major traffic diverting social media platforms.

    1. FaceBook, Twitter, (Unfortunately these two are 'auto no follow'. --> but if you impress the users and make them click your link then these two platforms are of great help.

    2. Google Plus, this is really good but build the relevant niche

    3. LinkedIN --> good for business market

    4. Youtube --> prepare a ppt and share it

    5. This is very important tip: Don't waste time by investing time in less traffic diverting platforms.
  • ajsahiajsahi PakistanRegistered Users
    i think the no one is facebook and then all other social media sites such as twitter, linkdin and many others
  • dhivyasridhivyasri Registered Users
  • efusionworldefusionworld New Jersey,USARegistered Users
    There are multiple Social Media Networks a professional should be using. In my opinion below are some of the best platforms for professionals to increase their identity online are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google Plus.
  • vinittyagivinittyagi Registered Users
    You tube
    But most prominence Facebook & Twitter
  • shabdlishabdli puneRegistered Users
    Use of social media to generate publicity and increase the awareness of your product, article, event etc.

    1. FaceBook, Twitter
    2. Google+
    3. LinkedIn
    4. Pinterest
    5. You tube
  • ThinkdebugThinkdebug indoreRegistered Users
    Fecebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedIn, G+, instagram are the best social networking site
  • OriginMenaOriginMena SyriaRegistered Users

    These are the best social media sites to grow business.
  • gr8mudygr8mudy Registered Users
    Best Social media networks are there. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit , Tumblr , Flickr , Google+ , LinkedIn , Pinterest etc
  • RashidSRashidS #308, 3rd floor, Al Fattan Plaza, Airport Road, Al Garhoud – DUBAIRegistered Users
    Social Networking is the best way to advertise your products and services. Some good social networking sites are:

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