Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing?



  • efusionworldefusionworld New Jersey,USARegistered Users
    One main Disadvantage of Social Media marketing is that it is to time demanding. It is not enough to post on the social media, you need to be very active on it responding to comments & giving feedback. Just one bad comments if not creatively & promptly addressed can reader all your marketing efforts useless.
  • dhivyasridhivyasri Registered Users
    There are some disadvantage of social Media Marketing.

    1- Too many users.
    2- The word spreads like wildfire
    3- It is labor intensive.
    4- It builds a reciprocal relationship with your audience.
    5- It involves rapidly changing techniques.
  • adityapradhanadityapradhan Registered Users
    The biggest disadvantage of Social Media Marketing is, the lifetime of your efforts is very short. Information is only visible for a short time before newer posts replace it.
    Most of the marketers make the mistake of 'hard selling' their products while emphasis should be on making conversations about your brand, which requires a lot of investment in terms of time.
    Social media accounts need round the clock monitoring, or else it can lead to disaster given the viral nature of the medium.
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