what is meaning of fb:app_id ?

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Dear All,
Earlier I have asked about it, but nobody reply me.
I have seen a lot of website using meta property="fb:app_id" content="139139069928" at header section just like a meta tag, for what purpose this id is use, but I don't think why, if anybody know about the meaning of it please help me?
Do I know this id is use for Facebook page?


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    The fb:app_id is generally used in facebook for creating special applications like fb:likes otherwise FBML. As you said that you have seen Fb:app in many site, could you please share those links. why i need those liks because me too saw those in some frame works.... just to ensure you`re not mentioning those sites... :)
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    It's a meta property and part of the facebook app to display details of your Faceboook pages :)
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    As it is already discussed above but If still if you have some doubts, then visits HTML CODES page in facebook, that can help you to create HTML or Micro website too.
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