How to detect if a forum is trustworthy?

Hello Friends,

There are a lot of SEO forums existing and you might be tempted to look for forums not penalized by Google. But there are other factors you should focus on:

Do you have to create an account or pay to log in? If so, it can be a proof of quality since only highly interested people will take the time to create a profile
Do the forum have a moderator? If not, just go away
Is the content qualitative and relevant? That can be an obvious bullet but if the forum is not talking about SEO at the end, there is no point of staying there
What about the links? Are they allowed or not? If so, are they “nofollow” or “dofollow”? Be careful with the links politics of the forum. If too many links are published in “dofollow”, this is certainly a sign of poor quality forum
Does the forum have categories or subcategories? If not, the forum is just going to be a large source of noise with a poor navigation

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