Title Tag - Should keyword be first?

Hello Friends,

Curious about the following.

Currently have a ecommerce website which currently has:

Shop in front of all it's title tags.


1) Shop Black Dresses - Website Name
2) Shop Duvet Covers - Website Name

Assuming all else equal, from your experience do you think removing the word Shop from the title, do you think that will improve the rankings for those keywords?

So examples would be:

1) Black Dresses - Website Name
2) Duvet Covers - Website Name

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    Title tags are part of the meta tags that appear at the top of your HTML inside the < head> area. Think of title tags like the title of the chapter of a book. It tells people and search engines what your page is about.

    Title tags are also part of what makes people decide whether to visit your site when it shows up in the search results. The title tag should contain important keywords to help the search engine determine what the page is about.

    Your most important words (keywords) need to be first in your title tag, with your least important words being last in the title tag (most to least). However, if you’re working in a language that reads right-to-left, then it is reversed, and it would be least important to most important.
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