What importance of Sitemap in SEO?

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Hi friends…
Can anyone suggest me "importance of Sitemap for SEO".


  • IntuzIntuz CaliforniaRegistered Users
    Generating and submitting sitemap is one of the most important task in Onpage SEO practices. Sitemap is used to Notify Google to include your webpages to get indexed and crawled. Sitemap will let the Google robot see how pages.
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    Sitemaps is just a map for a website. It explains the structure of your website to the crawlers, elaborates all the segments, links and each and every nook and corner.
    Sitemaps are the best way to communicate with the search engines and it also helps search engines and even users navigate through your website in smooth and more understanding way, and it is always recommended to update your sitemap in regular intervals. Having sitemaps for your website benefits your website in lot more ways, in terms of SEO
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    Two types of SITMAP are available in SEO.
    1) HTML:- HTML site map use for user.
    2) XML site Map use for crawler.

    XML sit map Important :- You have pages on your site created dynamically
    Your site is not well-structured or well-linked
    Your site has few external links or is new
    Your site is large and/or has lots of archived content that may not be well-linked
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