How will you improve my search engine rankings?

How will you improve my search engine rankings?


  • shabdlishabdli puneRegistered Users
    Some Tips to improve your page rankings on search engines.

    1. Ensure Your Site Is Easy To Crawl
    2. Speed Up Your Page Load Time
    3. Optimize Your Images ( Alt tag)
    4. Fix All Your Broken Links
    5. Check Your Site For HTML Errors
    6. Ensure You Have Sitemap
    7. Blogging (Blogging is one of the most ideal approaches to promote your site online! By writing a blog for your site.)
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  • semidotsemidot IndiaRegistered Users
    Do hard work and try to use target keyword maximum time because you will get high rank for a specific keyword.
  • adityapradhanadityapradhan Registered Users
    To rank better, start with proper On page optimization of all your website SEO tags. Ensure that your pages contain keyword rich H1,H2 tags, a proper title and description which are within the character limit prescribed by Google.

    With the ever changing SERP algorithms, now emphasis is more on rich content. So ensure that your website contains rich content which keyword rich as well as not plagiarized.

    Periodically monitor your webmaster tools account to check for any errors that might have cropped up and also to keep an eye on the queries on which your page is ranking.

    Build high quality backlinks. More than the number of backlinks, its the quality that matters.

    Apart from social bookmarking and forum submission, go for classified submissions, directory submissions, Press Release,Submit good quality articles on your subject of expertise to name a few.
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