Image Alt Title and Text

I need to know that is it necessary for Image to have different Alt Title and Text.


  • Line9InlineLine9Inline San Antonio,Texas.Registered Users
    Yes it is important. Alt text serves as a way for people who are visually impaired or who use screen readers to understand what an image is. Alt text is an important part of SEO,don't ignore it.
  • a4nananda4nanand Registered Users
    Alt text is meant to be an alternative information source for those people who have chosen to disable images in their browsers and those user agents that are simply unable to “see” the images. It should describe what the image is about and get those visitors interested to see it.
  • ushaa4nushaa4n Registered Users
    it is necessary to use alt text for an image when the browser unable to load the source image.
  • lucyorloskilucyorloski Registered Users
    Alt tags are very beneficial. They offer a keyword to your image as search engines can read that.
  • vijay22vijay22 hyderabadRegistered Users
    Alt text Title is read by Crawlers/Robots of Search Engine.Text Title is for Users.
  • communicationcraftsscommunicationcraftss USARegistered Users
    All of these can refer to the img alt="text" attribute:

    Alt tags
    Meta data
    Meta tags
    Alt attribute
    Meanwhile, all of these can refer to the image title:

    Title tag
    Title text
    Title attribute
    Why To Use Alt Tags
    At a minimum, you want to fill in the alt text field.

    Not including the “alt tag” is one of the most common SEO mistakes I see new website owners make. This is sloppy SEO for two reasons:

    Search engine robots can’t read images without text, plus you’ve missed a keyword opportunity.
    Not labeling images is a poor user experience for those who have disabled images in their browsers or for those with visual or certain cognitive disabilities.
  • freepricecomparefreepricecompare LondonRegistered Users
    Yes alt tag is very important for SEO friendly website. It creates value and also drive potential visitors to your website from search engines.
    Sometimes your blog or products are unable to appear on first page due to heavy competition but your image may be displayed in image search link and visitors click on the image or pic and this way you will get organic traffic.

    I have experienced this in one of my travel blog post on Goa. As you know, there are thousands blogs published already and they are from reputed author and sites as well. But Google displays the image I have posted along with the post in third position when someone search like "Things to see in Goa" in Google UK.
    Google displays the below link:
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