what is the uses for content optimisation?

hey friends i need to know about the uses for content optimisation please share your ideas


  • pixelaurapixelaura MohaliRegistered Users
    Now a days content is king in SEO industry. Google read your website content and leverage your website. Its a good signal for website ranking. If you post a user friendly content then user directly interact with it and visit your website.
  • itswebitsweb Registered Users
    Content optimization involves in effectively presenting the content, so that end user can easily understand and engage with the website. Google give high priority to quality content hence the prominence of it.
  • AllysonRulesAllysonRules Registered Users
    I would agree with @pixelaura and @itsweb content optimization means creating an engaging and informative right up about a certain topic using a set of keywords. This is to give the users the idea on what a certain topic, product or service is all about or what atleast a brief idea of what your website has to offer in a potential client.
  • vrinsofttechnologyvrinsofttechnology AhmedabadRegistered Users
    Content optimization for SEO is basically approached in three ways:

    The content itself (quality, keyword density, its originality and the value-added)
    How readable and searchable it is for Search Engines and users alike
    Whether there's an appropriate semantic relationship between the keywords you're targeting and your content.


    Make it exceedingly clear what your content is about. Content is saturated across a lot of channels and topics, so doing this helps your content stand out.
    Ask yourself these questions: Who am I writing for? What value am I adding? Google, most recently with Hummingbird, is showing greater priority to semantic search. They'll reward you for creating original content that serves a purpose, and demonstrating that you understand this.
    Make it professional. That means no typos, reputable sources and outbound links, and rich media (videos, images, social buttons) without compromising quality.


    Use a meta description, titles, <h1> tags, etc. to give users and search engines a better idea of what your content is about and how it's structured.
    Keep the message of your content clear and focused.
    Use keywords in your title, URL (separated-by-hypens), image files and alt tags, and throughout your content.
    Make sure your titles, URLs, anchor text, etc. are descriptive and simple.


    No bullets for this one. Google wants to create the best User Experience they can. As long as they can keep bringing users the most relevant results for a given query, they'll continue to enjoy primacy in search.

    The implication for content creators is that their content should be original, credible, and aiming to provide a specific, almost tangible value to users. It's important that you understand who your content is for, what you're creating, and how your content will benefit your audience.

    Make it clear what you're writing about. If you're writing about a synonym-heavy entity (e.g Barack Obama), firmly place your discussion within a specific context (e.g Barack Obama, first black president). This can be achieved by using synonyms in your content and by using descriptive titles and data.

    Optimizing your content is an important part of SEO. Content is king. If you can pick keywords that are sensible for your brand to target, content optimization is necessary to rank competitively for those keywords. Just like most of best-practice SEO, content optimization takes time. But remember: don't build for the robots, build for the people.
  • hardy_jason01hardy_jason01 Registered Users
    Nice answer people,
    google is very smart it understands every single word which you write on your blog OR Article or in content is all understand every single word of it .
    so content optimization is the main thing in the current situation
    content optimization is the part of OnPage SEO
    If you do good content optimization you automatically get high PR based on quality content
    Content Optimization: content optimization means you should be on topic provide meaningful and good content
    make your content readable.the user who read your content he or she not should be bored during reading ,
    google provide high priority to a good quality content.

  • shabdlishabdli puneRegistered Users
    " content is king in SEO industry"

    Google crawl your website,check content your website.

    For ranking on-Page is most important factor:
    once you optimized content, means almost on page activity will happen.

    If your post is user friendly content and optimized then user directly interact with it, also if content is optimized then speed up page load time
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