How to put target country in google webmaster

I tried to add target country in google webmaster tools , but i am not able to find a drop down menu of country list in International targeting column of my google webmaster tools ,
so anyone please help with a screen shot


  • williamjohnwilliamjohn Los AngelesRegistered Users
    Once you index your web page on Google webmaster tool, you will receive message in the message tab. Go to message tab and there you can set your geographical location.
  • Line9InlineLine9Inline San Antonio,Texas.Registered Users
    Go to your Google Search Console account. Login and click on your domain. Go to the left column and click Search Traffic a dropdown should appear. Click International Targeting then set which country you want to target.
  • semidotsemidot IndiaRegistered Users
    First know about website's audiences and choose country where you want to embed google webmaster with website's link. Google Map is the best and forever place to pick right audience for your website.
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