Which activities to rank better?

Which activity is the most important for getting high ranking in search engine results? I am regularly using forum posting and social bookmarking, but my website is not getting high rankings. What should I do next to get better rankings for my website?


  • peopletrendinpeopletrendin Registered Users
    Proper submissions according to the page rank.
  • myrtlepollemyrtlepolle New York, NYRegistered Users
    Just properly do the normal linkbuilding strategies such as social bookmarking, directory submissions, forum profiling, forum posting, classified advertising and so on. Always remember, quality links are the most important.
  • samueljohnsamueljohn Registered Users
    I suggest to look at your SEO on page optimization process like proper use of meta tags, h1 tag, title, keywords and description.Also login to your webmaster tools account and check if there are any index or crawl errors
  • peopletrendinpeopletrendin Registered Users
    Article and blog posting is important to increase ranking.
  • pravienpravien Registered Users
    DO Killer content, then create blog according to the keyword and its promorion
  • Crystal21Crystal21 Registered Users
    Post some high quality content in good article directories and take a backlink from them.
    Do Forum submissions - Mention your website url as signature in forums.
    Avoid reciprocal linking - Do not include other websites link in your site.
    You can also buy ranking from SEOclerks.
    Your site should have a clear hierarchy.
    Always write your pages for your readers, not for Google.
  • bindubindu Registered Users
    forum submissions and article posting helps in ranking....
  • williamjohnwilliamjohn Los AngelesRegistered Users
    Forum participation, Blog post, wordpress are the off page techniques to follow to get a quality backlinks.
  • watsonsandy444watsonsandy444 Registered Users
    Submit your links in sites with high page rank and coming to off page I can suggest to use forum posting,classifieds,article submissions,social book markings & directories.
  • thakurbloggerthakurblogger Shimla (India)Registered Users
    For getting good ranking in search engines, you need to focus more on On Page SEO. Try to use good keywords for your web content and create quality backlinks.
  • AllysonRulesAllysonRules Registered Users
    Check the keywords that you use through google planner. Also, you can do promote your website through social media account since many people are fan of using this pages. Continuously participate i forum discussion, social bookmarking, article submission, blog commenting etc. Be careful on posting a comment some websites are strict in term of link building. Of course monitor your on-page, try to post relevant content.
  • amitweb007amitweb007 Registered Users
    Check your website Onpage Optimization after that it should be mobile friendly, light weight, easy navigation.

    After all the major thing is content, content should be unique to get high PR
  • KalsoomKalsoom PakistanRegistered Users
    Web 2.o and guest posting is better technique for getting rankings, Social media is good for traffic
  • brijeshtiwari1984brijeshtiwari1984 New Delhi100 Post Club
    On page optimization, for audit whole site and improve your on site things, and get links from relevant site without anchor text.
  • alicemarkalicemark Registered Users
    edited January 2016
    Do proper on-page optimization of your website and do link building on related sites helps in ranking.
    ViduPM - SEO Project Management Tool
  • Adela@123Adela@123 IndiaRegistered Users
    Infographic Submission, article submission , blog posting & social bookmarking is important to increase ranking.
  • sagabizsolutionssagabizsolutions hyderabadRegistered Users
    1. Social Networking Sites
    2. Blogging
    3. Blog Marketing
    4. Forum Marketing
    5. Search Engine Submission
    6. Directory Submission
    7. Social Bookmarking
    8. Link Baiting
    9. Photo Sharing
    10. Video Marketing
    11. Business Reviews
    12. Local Listings
    13. Article Submission
    14.Classified Submissions
    15. Answer Questions
  • Xe_GraphXe_Graph Registered Users
    From what I understood, ranking means backlinks. Backlinks are like votes to your website. The more backlinks, the higher you rank. But not so fast! Look at the quality of your backlinks. If you are building backlinks from poor or spam sites, it would just hurt your ranking. Be wise in choosing websites to link your sites to. I won't mention more methods since the one above me pretty much listed a lot, which I also do, actually.
  • EmilyCrunkletonEmilyCrunkleton DubaiRegistered Users
    Google has removed the page rank concept, so now you have to check DA and PA of the website for submission. Try some new activities such as PDF and PPT submission, Video Submission, Image submission etc. to get ranking.
  • LinkologyLinkology Registered Users
    Social media sites are very good for ranking.
  • johnhastingsjohnhastings Registered Users
    First we need to wrote unique content and submit in proper way in Article submission, blog posting and we get unique backlinks.
  • dhivyasridhivyasri Registered Users
    I suggest to look at your SEO on page optimization process like proper use of meta tags, h1 tag, title, keywords and description.Also login to your webmaster tools account and check if there are any index or crawl errors

  • itswebitsweb Registered Users
    Better perform all the SEO activities, i.e. offline and online techniques. Many of my friends in the thread have covered all of the SEO methods. So, I don't want to repeat them. But concentre on the backlinks and quality content whatever the activities you perform.
  • dhivyasridhivyasri Registered Users
    On page optimization, for audit whole site and improve your on site things, and get links from relevant site without anchor text.
  • adityapradhanadityapradhan Registered Users
    To rank better, start with proper On page optimization of all your website SEO tags. Ensure that your pages contain keyword rich H1,H2 tags, a proper title and description which are within the character limit prescribed by Google.

    With the ever changing SERP algorithms, now emphasis is more on rich content. So ensure that your website contains rich content which keyword rich as well as not plagiarized.

    Periodically monitor your webmaster tools account to check for any errors that might have cropped up and also to keep an eye on the queries on which your page is ranking.

    Build high quality backlinks. More than the number of backlinks, its the quality that matters.

    Apart from social bookmarking and forum submission, go for classified submissions, directory submissions, Press Release,Submit good quality articles on your subject of expertise to name a few.

  • a4nananda4nanand Registered Users
    Big Brands Don’t Have to Work as Hard as You Do
    Social Signals Matter – But Which Ones Matter Most?
    Backlinks and Headings – Are They Still Important?
    Should You Register a Domain Name with Keywords In It?
    Is Quality Content Enough?
  • Xe_GraphXe_Graph Registered Users
    I probably have done most of what's been said here. Writing good contents. Doing backlinking from all sources. I wonder what else could be done. I have been doing these for years. Things have been pretty slow. I wonder if there's anything left to uncover.
  • jamesbrownnjamesbrownn Registered Users
    You should try to focus on content submission. You can do different activities like forum posting, social bookmarking, article submission etc for increasing rank.
  • shilashamsshilashams Registered Users
    Getting relevant backlinks and social signals will make your site rank on first page for sure
  • brooklynebrooklyne LondonRegistered Users
    Apart from all good recommendations, Google gives weight-age to authority links and informative contents to users of your niche .
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