What is on-page optimization?



  • govindrajputgovindrajput ahmedabadRegistered Users
    On-page optimization is a process to do on page activities within your website. This technique consist of title, meta tags, heading tags, canonicalization, internal links, ALT tags etc.

    This technique is helpful to rank better in the search engines. If your website is well optimized, then you can get huge of traffic to your website.

  • Endive_SoftwareEndive_Software jaipurRegistered Users
    On-page SEO
    1) Meta Keyword
    2) Title
    3) Keywords in Content
    3) Title Tags
    4) URL Structure
    5) Keywords in Search
    6) Link Building
    7) Business Analysis
    8) Featured Image
    9) SiteMap
    10) Social Media Connectivity
  • preeti01preeti01 Registered Users
    On page optimization includes various techniques that you apply on your website to rank on search engine's result pages. e.g changing meta titles, descriptions etc. For more details visit us at http://www.bluebitsystems.com/.
  • digitalpugsdigitalpugs IndiaRegistered Users
    On Page Optimization is very importent part of SEO. Search Engine Result is mainly focus on Onpage and give value of your site according to on page SEO.
    Some important factors are-
    Content, Meta Tags, Meta Description, Head Tag, Robot.txt file, sitemap, alt tag, Title tag, Keyword
  • RajvarmaRajvarma Registered Users
    On page optimization is one of most important activity in SEO. Their are various factors like

    1.Title(65 Characters)
    3. Robots.txt
    5.Image Alt tag
    6.Content optimization
    7.H1 tag
    8. Cannonical tag
  • jackar56jackar56 Registered Users
    Best On page activities are:

    Meta title
    Meta description
    Meta keywords
    H1 tags
    google analytic
    google webmasters"
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