Link Wheel?

What is Link Wheel and how we can create link wheel for better ranking of our site. please share your answer.


  • siyasinhasiyasinha delhi, indiaRegistered Users
    Link wheel is technique to promote your website on search engine help with blogs and micro sites. Create a link circle to post on blogs and micro sites.
  • spyshekharspyshekhar Registered Users
    thanks a lot siya mam for sharing your knowledge. but i want to know that it really works or not.
  • WebOutGatewayWebOutGateway Pasig City, PhilippinesRegistered Users
    In link wheel, network of websites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Wordpress, etc and blogs are connected to each other then linked to your website. This could include articles that are focused on one unique keyword to rank on the Search Engine Result Pages. However, inappropriate building link wheels can harm your website.
  • LizzieThomsonLizzieThomson Glasgow, United KingdomRegistered Users
    Link wheels do work, providing the content your creating is unique, relevant to your niche and keyword targeted for each source your posting on.

    Quality over quantity, effort and patience is highly rewarded.

    You need to spend the time and make sure you do solid keyword research and post unique content that other sites would want to have and more importantly people would want to read, share and in turn visit your site.

    Work for the user, not the search engine.
  • EducaindiaEducaindia KolkataRegistered Users
    A link wheel is snake oil SEO.
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