What is page rank sculpting?

There are various techniques available to channel link juice through the links you actually want to receive it and thus rank them higher. In theory Google has corrected this but several experiments have shown this isn’t the case, although the actual PR passed through the links no longer gets affected.


  • shyam125shyam125 MumbaiRegistered Users
    PageRank sculpting directs the flow of search engine spiders, indexing, PageRank, and other trust and authority assignations by using tools to open and close valves in the pipes of your website’s hierarchy. PageRank sculpting is vital to SEO management of large, dynamic websites, and it helps smaller websites doing redesigns. It is also crucial in dealing with Google’s Penguin and Panda updates.
  • pryidevsblogpryidevsblog USA, CaliforniaRegistered Users
    PageRank sculpting means trying to manipulate the page rank flow in website via controlling the link juice flow. Basically there are two types links one is do-follow and the another one is no-follow.
  • EducaindiaEducaindia KolkataRegistered Users
    Page Rank Sculpting, is a technique used to diffuse the link juice of the website to its internal and only important pages for higher search results.
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