Directory submission and SEO?

What would you say about directory submission and SEO, are directories helpful these days?



  • alexhooperalexhooper CanadaRegistered Users
    Yes, Directory Submission is very useful for SEO. Bcoz its a good way to create backlinks. But be careful of in which directory you are submitting ur website.
  • hpmltdhpmltd Registered Users
    Directory Submission is very good way to create linkage....
  • prashantseoguruprashantseoguru DelhiRegistered Users
    get keyword ranking in google through dir submission
  • gauravhgauravh Registered Users
    its helpful but almost all the directories are spammy these days.. so try to figure out some good sites before posting.. and instead of that you can go for bookmarkign which is lot helpful these days.
  • ranjeet423ranjeet423 DehradunRegistered Users
    Yes,that day all directories website is spammy,,you aware for post any directory for increase baclink..
  • henrybloggerhenryblogger Registered Users
    Directory submission is used to increase website indexing by gaining backlinks from top web directories. Quality backlinks improves our keyword ranking in search engines and help us to increase our blog traffic and page rank
  • q2smsq2sms chennaiRegistered Users
    Directory submission is great way to get a more backlinks, post only high PR sites only.
  • etharijhaetharijha Registered Users
    After google new update directory submission is the bad. mostly directory have no follow google don't give back link....
  • NRVaghelaNRVaghela Registered Users
    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and OnPage SEO and OffPage SEO are the part of Search Engine Optimization. And Directory Submission is a part of OffPage SEO.
    Web Directory is used for increase the traffic.
  • pryidevsblogpryidevsblog USA, CaliforniaRegistered Users
    Yes Directory submission is still helpful in SEO. But this gives you result only when you submit your directory at right place and proper manner. Otherwise it nothing useful for you and your all efforts are waste.
  • taylormiketaylormike Registered Users
    Directory submission is the oldest of the technique used by SEO Optimizer to enhance the ranking on the search engine result page.
    With Directory submission , if your business/products/services is listed in the proper sub categories there is a high possibility to gain a quality links which can be fruitful for ranking your websites. The impacts of directory submission can be felt after the approval & listing on the sites.
  • zunnunzunnun Registered Users
    edited January 2014
    Directory Submission increase your traffic but less important in Rank.

  • anoopsparxanoopsparx IndiaRegistered Users
    Yes, directory submission is still matter for ranking but local high quality directory. let me know you are looking for high quality directory, i will provide you the list.
  • KylieSweetKylieSweet SEO world100 Post Club
    Aside from backlinks using directory submission is to gain targeted traffic and increase conversion of leads into sales.
  • julilaamijulilaami Registered Users
    yeah directories submission is very useful,,,,,,,,,,,,,i need high page rank directories list.......
  • alexaidenalexaiden Registered Users
    yes directories help a lot. submit to instant approval sites & domz
  • rohitaddnectarrohitaddnectar Registered Users
    Now the content is king, So content base tricks are helpful for the SEO.
  • roushorousho Registered Users
    Ya directory submission still have SEO value but in this case quality directory is the main fact. If you can get a backlink from Dmoz or Yahoo directory then that are the very important value for your website than your competitors who are not listed in this type of quality directory.
  • siyasinhasiyasinha delhi, indiaRegistered Users
    absolutely, directory submission is a major part of of seo link building, and get many backliks for your site.
  • johnsampsonjohnsampson Registered Users
    Directory is one of the best technique to build back link. But today's keep in mind all search engine has been strict so always do back link with quality and high page rank.
  • spyshekharspyshekhar Registered Users
    yes directory submission is worth in seo because it provides back link and traffic to rank your keyword but remember thing when you are doing directory submission is that pick only high pr directory sites and submit your link in right category.
  • mickeyymickeyy Registered Users
    Directory submission is useful in SEO when you choose high authoritative websites like DMOZ or Technorati. Besides, not all directories might give great back links but if you choose the directories that are not spammed and give SEO friendly links your site’s link popularity should improve. A good way to gain links from web directories is finding the new directories and submitting to them when they are very new. New directories are hungry for submissions and your site will be approved very quickly.
  • vinittyagivinittyagi Registered Users
    Directory submission is a most imported part of SEO , Directory submission is a part of off page , Because of two type of SEO :- off page and on page , We can improve our search engine rank with directory submission servie
  • vijay22vijay22 hyderabadRegistered Users
    Directories Submission is Off Page Technique, which helps in getting Backlinks from directories sites. Make sure your you submit High page rank sites i.e., pr 7, pr 8, prg 9.
  • shabdlishabdli puneRegistered Users
    Directory Submission is useful for SEO. Because its a way to create backlinks.
    But be careful directory Submission Site Check DA and Traffic,

    Provide Proper:

    1. Meta description
    2. Heading
    3. Meta Tags
  • appkodesappkodes USARegistered Users
    After Penguin update, SEO experts hardly use directory submission. As directory submission is made to acquire back links, which are the backbone of any website. Now, the question whether this technique is still useful! In my opinion, it is effective when done in an accurate manner. Here are some tips that will help you to make directory submission safely to acquire good back links from authority sites:

    Choose the appropriate category according to your business website.
    Submit only correct links
    Never submit to those sites which ask for reciprocal links
    Make sure the content you post as the description is accurate and authentic.
  • freepricecomparefreepricecompare LondonRegistered Users
    Yes, Directory is very useful for SEO even in 2016.
    I am reapping its benefit but the issue is that directory owners are much busy in others stuff so they aren't approving links you submit.
    But still you can find the directory sources which are active in these days.

    Main advantange is that, directory backlinks remains live for long time while social bookmarking sites delete the links we built.

    I achieved good impact of directory submission for one of my website
  • services4mindiaservices4mindia IndiaRegistered Users
    Yes Directory accommodation is still useful in SEO. In any case, this gives you result just when you present your index at perfect place and appropriate way.
  • johnparker92johnparker92 USARegistered Users
    ya, Directory submission is very useful for website, it will give
  • Endive_SoftwareEndive_Software jaipurRegistered Users
    Directory Submission is very Useful For SEO, Benefits are-
    1) Fastest Indexing
    2) Higher Link Popularity
    3) More Pages Indexed
    4) Better Ranking
    5) Effective Keyword Targeting
    6) Brand Building
    7) More Customer

    The disadvantage is if you get too many in too short a time, depending on the age of your website, you could get sandboxed.
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