Forum Posting Question

Hello Everyone

I have a question for forum posting.
How to do Forum Posting Effectively?
Please told me this issue?

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  • IntuzIntuz CaliforniaRegistered Users
    Forum posting sites are for sharing your knowledge to others related to your expertise. Form platforms should be used for sharing knowledge. For example this forum is SEO knowledge sharing platform, same forums will be there in your niche,
    To find relevant forum platform and share and get knowledge related to your business niche should be a purpose to register in forum sites.
    Here is the trick to find forums in Google

    intitle:forum + "your keywords"
    inurl:forum + "your keywords"

    I hope you get my point.
    Do let me know if you have any further query.
  • richardwalter13richardwalter13 Registered Users
    Thank You Sir. I will just try and its work it.
  • BalajicouriercargoBalajicouriercargo New DelhiRegistered Users
    Forum posting sites are for sharing your knowledge to others related to your expertise.
  • govindrajputgovindrajput ahmedabadRegistered Users
    Post a question to a forum to solicit an answer from others in your organization.

    Before you begin

    Anyone can post a question to a stand-alone forum. To post a question to a community forum, you must be a community member.

    About this task

    If you want to find answers to a specific question, use the expertise in your organization by posting the question to a forum. As the topic creator, you can moderate the answers that people provide and choose whether to accept or reject their responses.

    Using a question-and-answer format is also a useful way to make information available to forum members in an easy-to-read layout. By creating question-and-answer threads, you can build up a useful repository of information for new users.

    When you are posting a question to a forum, create a regular topic mark it as a question. The topic is marked with a question mark icon Question icon in the user interface so that forum users can easily identify it as a question.


    To post a question to a forum, complete the following steps.

    .Open the forum where you want to post your question.
    .Click Start a Topic.
    .Enter a topic title in the Title field.
    .Required: Select Mark this topic as a question.
    .To tag the topic, enter one or more tags in the Tags field.
    .Enter your question in the rich text field.
    .To attach a file to your question, click Attach a File and browse for a file.
    .Click Save.


    If forum topics are moderated in your deployment, the topic is not displayed immediately because the forum moderator must first approve the content. If content moderation is not enabled, the topic is displayed immediately.
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