500 CC 8 Core 8 GB Cloud VOS3000 Version with New Anti-Hack features for $49/month

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We are excited to introduce 500 CC 8 Core 8 GB Cloud VOS3000 with New Anti-Hack features $49/month to prevent all types of hacking.

Normally we face three types of Hacking Attacks on VOS3000 Servers.

Admin Password hacking attempts. Solution - Change Admin URL port to a non default one like 43595 and allow only your IP in Firewall to access that port.

Port 80 User Account Scanning for Passwords. Solution - Install FAIL2BAN module to block any IP which tries to scan User Accounts for passwords. Please see screen shot to see how it works. http://datasoft.ws/sip-anti-scan.png

SIP Port 5060 Dialer Scann attack with multiple IPs. This is the most common VOIP attack with 100s of IPs trying to scan port 5060 to send traffic. Solution - Install Port 5060 AntiHack module. Plesae see screen shot to see how it works. http://www.datasoft.ws/sipport5060scanttack.png

We have all our VOS3000 Servers protected with all above modules.

FREE 5 DaysTrial Available for VOS3000 Servers Version

8 Core 8GB Cloud VOS3000 500 CC - $49/M https://datasoft.ws/vos3000_cloud.php

8 Core 8GB Dedicated VOS3000 1000 CC - $89/M https://datasoft.ws/vos3000_dedicated.php

24/7 Round the Clock Premium application support and configuration support for above preinstalled Servers is also available starting at just $49/month Visit www.datasoft.ws and chat to our specialists to learn more!


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