How can do increase Website traffic from Facebook?

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How can do increase Website traffic from Facebook?


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    Here are some step of the increase Website traffic from Facebook

    1. Regularly publish engaging content

    The easiest way to build engagement and loyalty on Facebook is by sharing interesting tips, news and pictures of your products and services on your Page several times a week.

    2. Create Facebook Ads to increase website traffic

    Facebook Ads to increase website traffic appear as large, clickable images in people’s News Feeds on desktop and mobile devices. They are optimised to get more customers directly to your site with special offers, product sales or exclusive content.

    3. Optimise your landing page

    When promoting a URL in your posts and Page post ads, make sure you use relevant webpages that are optimised for conversion. For example, if you are promoting a new product, link people directly to that product’s page and make it easy for people to make a purchase instead of taking them to a generic homepage.

    4. Target your ads

    Facebook has many targeting tools to help you reach specific groups of people. For example, you can use information such as location, age, gender and interests to show your ads to the right people.

    5. Measure and optimise

    There are several ways to measure and optimise your ads for improved results:
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    1. Optimize your Facebook Page for website clicks

    2. Share Fresh content every time on your page as well as optimize your content for shares

    3. Make it easy to share your content to Facebook on your website

    4. Create images with proper canvas

    5. Use Facebook's link share view.

    6. Boost your Facebook post with specific target location

    7. Create Facebook Ads to increase website traffic

    8. Share your post with relevant groups

    9. Reply on you post comments
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