Website speed zero ?

Endive_SoftwareEndive_Software jaipurRegistered Users
Can anybody help me as my website speed mark as zero. What issues i am facing out regarding SEO or anything.


  • ewebacewebac MumbaiRegistered Users
    can you please share your website url so that we can check the same from our end.. Also which tool you are using to measure the same.. I would recommend go for... Google Page Insight Tool for the same...
  • govindrajputgovindrajput ahmedabadRegistered Users
    First of all you should measure your website load speed with the help of Google PageSpeed or GTmetrix. After that you have at least 4 ways to optimize your website:

    Compress images. Firstly, think about image format you need. If there are a lot of photos on your website, choose a raster image format (JPEG, GIF or PNG). But consider about using vector formats for working with logos, text, and icons and CSS effects for all images.

    Minimize CSS, HTML and JavaScript, for example, eliminate unnecessary gaps and other symbols. You can use asset pipeline (default Ruby on Rails framework) to minify and compress JavaScript and CSS resources. Also it can combine resources, resulting in fewer browser requests.

    Follow the Above-the-Fold Principle. It means you should place all the elements according to their importance. Put the most necessary on the upper part of the page to avoid scrolling. Putting CSS in the header causes gradual loading of the headline and navigation. Put the scripts at the bottom part of your site, in that case browser downloads the most relevant information firstly.

    Implement Gzip compression. It allows to download and transfer text files (JavaScript, CSS and HTML documents) much faster and shorten taken space and bandwidth.
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