How To Generate Leads On Social Media

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I want to know about, how get more business through Social Media and SEO


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    Social media is the best platform in these days.Mostly people acrtive in social media.It would be easy to generate the leads through in SMO.
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    the gathered six ideas on how to generate leads on social media

    1)Promote gated content.
    3)Social media advertising.
    4)Hosting a hangout or webinar.
    5)Geotargeted social media search.
    6)Targeted social media listening.
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    Very useful Information keep it up.
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    Thanks For Sharing this great Info.
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    I suggest by promoting in Google Search and Social Media you can generate more leads from social media.
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    Companies employing lead generation strategies on social media are able to achieve better results throughout the funnel—building brand awareness and generating conversions, achieving better sales productivity, producing higher revenue growth, and creating a sense of community for advocates and followers. And according to a recent study by LinkedIn Pulse, B2B buyers who feel a “high brand connection” are 60% more likely to consider, purchase, and even pay a premium than “low brand connection” competitors.

    1. Special Offers
    2. Polls and Surveys
    3. Refer-a-Friend
    4. Discount Codes
    5. Promote Gated Content
    6. Host a Tweet Chat or Live Stream
    7. Paid Social Ads
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    Ideas which will generate Leads on Social Media-

    1) Special Offer
    2) Promote gated content
    3) Social media advertising
    4) Hosting a hangout or webinar
    5) Geotargeted social media search
    6) Targeted social media listening
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    Posting regularly your content is the key. And also posting more images than text is also important in Facebook content. For more details <a href="">click here</a>.
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    Now, social media is a great place where the buyers get information, reviews and comments about the products or services they are looking for. So, social media platforms become a great source of information about your products or services. Reach out those social media platforms, where your buyers spent time, either it may Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. Share informative content related to your services and gain trust of the readers.
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