difference between article and blog

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difference between article and blog


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    The Difference Between Articles and Blogs. This post has been updated! ... I'm often guilty of swapping the word “article” for the phrase “blog post” myself, however, there are essential differences between the two. So here's a rundown of what I perceive to be the basic differences between articles and blogs.
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    Blog is something at which you can make future changes according to additional news and research, where article have limitation that does not allow you to make any change in posted content.
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    Article :-

    Articles provide thoroughly researched and detailed information. As such, those making this distinction may expect them to be longer. They may provide informed, well-developed opinions on subjects relevant to the website on which they will be published

    Blog :-

    A blog post may be less formal than an article. While the tone of a blog can address the sensitive or serious nature of a topic, those distinguishing between a blog and article may write the blog post in a more conversational manner. Length may differ — some blog posts are a few hundred words, though others can be much longer.
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    Nice question. Here is the main difference between article and blog,

    Articles: Articles provide thoroughly researched and detailed information. The content in articles are long, including explanations, analysis and visuals, illustrations. Articles are approximately 1500 words.

    Blog: The topic of blogs are generally tips, general information or brief information regarding the use and implementation of your business products or services. Blogs are generally between 500 and 800 words and are submitted to the site via the blogs area.
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    Articles are generally approximately 1500 words and contain explanations, analysis and/or visuals Articles are evaluated on the value of the content to the community as well as on accuracy.

    A blog is basically a web log that a blogger makes use for chronological listing of blog posts. A blog has the most recent content shown first followed by the previously updated content.
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    difference between article and blog

    Article: Article is a piece of topic written by author on a specific topic. Article content is unique, user friendly and non promotional also provide thoroughly researched and detailed information.

    Blog : Blog is an online diary in which you can post any promotional info regarding you, your business products or services and brand etc. Readers can also subscribe.
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    blog less in words whereas article more in words. blog can be on particular topic nd is in first form but article's topic does not related with first form.
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