Get The Backlinks from Unique C-Class IP for Fast and Better Ranking

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EXCLUSIVE DIRECTORY PACKAGES : PR2 Quality Directory service for Unique 70 C-Class IPs with more than 300 different Sites!

What is this service about?
This service is to offer several different unique C-Class ip with different categorized directories to register your business fast on web to grow up.

What kind of links would it be?
This service is to provide the features links on the home page of the site and give the backlink to the customers site to increase traffic as well as ranking.

Are they do follow or no follow?
All the features links are do follow, but if the client required the link as no follow then we can make the link nofollow.

What are the domain extensions?
We ONLY will post to domains with these extensions: .com, .org and .net. The top 3 most trusted and authoritative domain extension on the net! Some extras might include .info, .biz and .me though.

How many C Class IPs are there?
Currently we have 70 A,B,C Class IPs in use.

How many URLs and Keywords is accepted and turnaround time?
We accept 1 URLs and 1 Keywords.

For how long will my site be on the homepage?
Your site will be featured on homepage for 1 year.

Why we are different?
-We have hosted 300 different sites on 70 different A.B,C-class IP's.
-No banned or dropped domains.
-Different NICHES directories are also available
-Permanent Backlink for 1 year.

Minimum 1 year plan is available for 1 site: $9.99 ( Prices are negotiable for bulk orders )

More Details:
- PM me your questions and informations.
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