Steps involved in SEO

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  1. Keyword Analysis - Keywords are the corner stones of a website. Keyword Analysis should precede content development.
  2. Content - Content forms the basis of any site. The content should be rich in keywords that the site focuses on.
  3. Link Building - Link Building are the next step in the SEO process. There are two concepts called the inbound and outbound links. They will help the site get a better page rank in search engines. But links do not mean just links; they should be quality ones. The number of outbound links should be less than inbound links.
  4. Search Engine submission - Submission of your site to quality search engines. There are both paid and free search engine submissions.
  5. Directory submission - There are paid and free directories available. You can make the submission of your site but submit it in the related category and the site.
  6. Meta Tags - Meta tags are very crucial in the SEO process. Relevant and sensible Meta tags only make the site search engine optimized.
  7. Site Map - A good site map that does not have broken links is also necessary for the SEO process.


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