Scam or legitimate?

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I am an amateur SEO and I have a close friend that is a Vascular Surgeon. He wanted me to do the SEO on his new site and although I believe I know enough, I do not have the time and resources to give him the fair attention he deserves. He asked me to participate in a conference call with an SEO company and some of the things they said brought up red flags for me. I do not want to jump to conclusions so I ask for anyone’s professional advice. “Varicose veins” is the main keyword we want to optimize for. He is local business of course in Encino California so obviously anyone in New York that would do this search is not practical as a customer. There are over 100,000 searches a month on this term. The SEO Company wants to optimize his pages for “varicose veins Encino”. I checked in the Google Keyword tool and there are 0 searches being done with this keyword phrase. I also did an allintitle Google search and there were only 3 websites optimized for this. They said they would have him up on the first page in three months. Of course if they optimize for that phrase they can have him up on the first page in 3 weeks with only 3 websites to compete with. But what good is it if nobody is searching for that? My question is does this sound shady to you all? This was not the only thing that was out of sink but the most significant. Any advice would be appreciated.
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