What is Link Wheel??

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"Wheel" is nothing but a circular constraint. In SEO it's nothing but a circular technique to get tons of traffic for your website's main page by relating one topic with another in a chain system. It also boosts your SERP ranking in this way.

Suppose you have written a squidoo lens with a link back to your main website. Then you have written an article and published it on different article directory sites and link it back to the previous squidoo lens. When your article get the web approval, it will also show the link with the squidoo lens. Now, you have written a hubpage about the same topic as above two and posted it with a link back to the above article. Again, you have done a blogspot from blogger.com with a link back to the above hubpage.

Again, you have done a Google knol with a link back to the above blogspot blog and in the same way you can connect different web interfaces to each other.

Ultimately you have created a wheel structure and linking one interface to another in a chain form which ultimately linking back to your main website.

By this way you are generating lots of traffic for each interface pointing another through the link and each hit counted would ultimately boost the main website SERP ranking.

The above whole process is called "link wheel".


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    Link wheel is nothing but a wheel, in SEO terms your website will be at the concentration point and all the articles and press release and blogs linking to the website and all these blogs and article and press release are linked to each other, it wiill be very hard to get understood about this, i suggest you to do some research on it and make a conclusion.
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    Basically, a large group of website owners (or a single person with a large number of sites) get together and agree to share links. However, rather than simply exchange links (which Google doesn't value all that highly), these website owners agree to one-way link to each other.

    WebsiteA.com links to WebsiteB.com.

    WebsiteB.com links to WebsiteC.com

    WebsiteC.com links to...(lots and lots of websites and then) WebsiteZ.com.

    WebsiteZ.com links back to WebsiteA.com.

    Every site gets a one-way link. If there are enough sites in the wheel, and if the wheel is manipulated carefully, you can build dozens of links to your site.

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    Shreya Mehta
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    Link wheel is a link building strategy using the power of web 2.0 properties linking together by means of an article, images, or streaming media or a combination of all. Because web 2.0 sites are quickly indexed by Google and most of them are authority sites with page rank.
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    I haven't tried using this method, but many seo do say that its really effective.
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    basically it opening lots of blogs in different place and link all of them to your money site and to each other. but if you do it to much schematic google can trace it and might think it`s a blof farm. so you have to plan it well.
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    Linkwheel is where you create backlinks to your website and some backlinks to your backlinks and you create them in the form of wheels where every backlinks has some importance. This is one of the greatest ways to get a ton of traffic to your websites. These link wheels build backlinks to your website's main page, which give your website a higher search engine ranking.
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    The link wheel is one such idea where several similar themed websites get together and create a circle of links.
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    Link Wheel is one of the best and most efficient ways of building links in the most natural way/Google will love your website just for that.A link wheel creation is an idea in which many websites of the same theme brought together and arrange as a wheel of links.
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    A link wheel is snake oil SEO.
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    Link wheels are one of many manipulative strategies used in internet marketing and search engine optimization to attempt to drive visitors to a websites.
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