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We embarked on a very successful site optimization effort back in July 2009. According to Google Analytics, in the last 8 months we have seen our organic traffic, orders and revenue increase about 150% compared to last year.

Here’s the issue…our company is old school direct mail where EVERYTHING is tightly tracked. We all know that it’s not quite that black and white with organic. Another item to note is that we cookie visitors for 90 days. When we move these orders to our legacy system…if the customer had been previously cookied, was ever a customer in the past (we’ve been in business since 1974), they are reassigned to a retention program and the SEO campaign gets no credit. Many of these come in on long tailed keywords that rank in the top 5. My argument is that you probably wouldn’t have gotten that “retention” order if you didn’t rank for those keywords. Also, any search on our company name is assumed to be from retention as we are not a major brand.

Now I know an order’s an order, right? And that’s how I feel. But some around here, based on the legacy data, would rather put less effort into SEO because according to the legacy numbers, we have not realized the benefit. I, on the other hand, feel like we have only scratched the surface of the true potential on the organic arena.

Does anyone out there have a similar situation, where you re-categorize the organic traffic into other buckets. If so, how do you promote the true potential of SEO? Are there better ways of tracking?


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    Are you saying that the company you work for does not value SEO? Seems kind of silly that a company wouldn't value it despite success with other "retention" programs.
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    I didn't mean to come across that my company doesn't value SEO. I think in general we all do, some more than others, just some who weigh in heavily on this area don't want resources spending time on SEO. I come at it from the complete opposite angle. I think everything we do should be done with SEO in mind first.
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