What is Content Farming?

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Does it have an effect in SEO?


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    a content farm is a company that uses search algorithm data to create articles, videos and other media that is designed to rank highly in the search engines. content farms use a large pool of freelancers who chose or are assigned ideas from a list that is compiled by analyzing user search data. the main purpose of a content farm is to maximize page views and revenue generated by advertising on those pages while minimizing the costs and the time needed to create the content. content farms are also know as content mills and content factories.

    however , the issue is with the quality and depth of the content contained on these sites. with search engine click-through s set as the main goal, authors are motivated to churn out large quantities of articles, and the quality of the content is often secondary. accusations of plagiarism and just plain misinformation abound.

    looks to see what are popular searches in a particular category news , help , topics.
    generated content specifically tailored to those searches
    usually spends very little time and or money, even perhaps as little as possible , to generate that content.

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    Where can I learn more about content farming, and by the way thank you?
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