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About the Service

I am very experienced with Wikipedia and I have an extremely reputed and trusted account with over 40,000 edits. I am a wikipedia editor and all my links are guaranteed for a minimum of 6 months and they will be on wikipedia. It takes much time and effort to get links on wikipedia, especially links that I guarantee for 6 months.

As you may know it is almost impossible to get links into Wikipedia without an extremely trusted and authoritative site and most links get deleted by moderators the next day! With my reputation, authority, and ability to stay under the radar in Wikipedia I am able to get stable long term links.

I will add a link to your site in Wikipedia, on an existing page related to your subject. I will pick the best page allowing for both a high chance of the link sticking as well as maximizing traffic to your site. There are a lot of moderators and editors watching all the content so everything I do has to be thoroughly planned out.


Benefits & Stats

#1 Free Backlinks
Wikipedia is always being scraped/users are copying the content and pasting it on their own domains. This means that if you have a link on a wikipedia page that gets copied, then the more copies that page gets the more backlinks you get. Nothing is better than having people do all the work for you for FREE!

#2 Traffic Benefits
Having a link in Wikipedia gives you large amounts of nonstop and extremely targeted traffic. Within a month you could easily make back your investment.

#3 SEO Benefits
I really can't claim anything for SEO benefits, it all comes down to your own knowledge. Ask yourself this, what is the purpose of a backlink? It shows authority and trust to search engines. What better authority and trust is there than having a link inside Wikipedia, where it is nearly impossible to get a crappy site in?

People keep saying - its a no follow link. Do you think Google wants to only see do follow links - do you think that looks natural? It is a no follow link, but its the BEST fukin no-follow link you can get. Here are the current stats. Numbers speak for themselves;

+ Domain Authority (DA) = 100
+ Google PR (keep in mind that hasnt been updated for a while) = 9
+ Ahrefs domain rank = 91
+ Alexa Rank = 7


Refunds & Guarantee

If your link is removed within 6 months. I have done almost a thousands of links now, and all of the links I have done have sticked permanently. However, the standard guarantee and monitoring period I provide is 6 months, which is usually sufficient to guarantee that a link sticks. Check Get Wikipedia Backlink FAQ for more details.


- Your website URL (Blog URL if different)
- Page you want a link to
- Preferred Wikipedia pages you want your link on

You can find all the testimonials here and on the thread as it grows.

Case Studies
There are plenty of advantages to getting a stable link or page on Wikipedia. Other than the obvious boost in SEO rankings – here are a few case studies that showcase some of those benefits that you will gain as well.

PM me! | Skype = editor.wikipedia | Email =
I will try to respond as soon as possible.

The price depends on the type of site, quality of content on site and quantity of links needed.
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