Gardening/Landscaping/Home Improvement Extra Secure PBN Links

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Hey Everyone,

These are quality pbns with decent metrics, but what makes them great is that they are set up very securely. They are all in the gardening/landscaping/home improvement niche and majority of them were in that niche before I picked them up. They've all got clean backlink profiles, separate c-class hosting, unique themes, plugins, content etc etc.

There are only a certain amount of spots per site as all links will be placed on the homepage and max 15 OBL per site.

Prices range from $6-$10/month. Also if you provide an article it must be 100% unique and readable, otherwise it is an extra $7 for me to write a 100% unique article.

Here is a link to some of the sites metrics: xJ3CaRL.png?1

Just send me a message or write a comment if you are interested.

Luca Samson.
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