An Interesting SEO Survey for SEO-experts

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Hi guys,

I made a nice survey, results of which may be quite interesting for SEO-experts. When the survey is finished, the participants will receive the results. Here's the link to the survey. I would be very grateful for your input. Really. Participate :)

Here's the same link for guests (in case they don't see active links):

Here are some samples of the info I'll send to each participant:


A little more information about the survey:
  1. This survey is anonymous
  2. You can leave an e-mail address if you want to get the results of the survey in a few months
  3. Your mails will never be used by me for any spam-like "e-mail marketing". I don't disrespect you :)
  4. Feedback is very appreciated
  5. This survey is for everybody who consider themselves SEO-specialists
  6. This post is gonna be posted on major SEO-forums
  7. Feel free to share the link to the survey. Sharing's good :)

You can comment:
  1. Here (in this topic)
  2. In the survey
  3. My e-mail is
  4. My Skype is cthulchu_

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