How to promote hosting service

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Hi to all experts of this forum specially Moderator i belong to a vps hosting provider company named Currently they are offering 50% discount on their all packages .

I want to ask how to promote This news or what is the right place to promote this offer

Thanks in advance.


  • Ev0LvEv0Lv Registered Users
    Make articles and submit them. Also advertising in different sites would increase your sales.
  • bizworldusaanubizworldusaanu Registered Users
    One great way to promote your reseller hosting business is to “guest-blog” on blogging sites. However, do not over-promote your business! Be sure to blog about interesting topics. For hosting resellers, the list of topics are endless. These topics include cloud computing, hosting plans, hosting company reviews, what is a web host, and a myriad of other technical or web-related topics.

    Share your expertise with an audience who will be interested in differences in hosting plans, such as Linux-based versus Windows-based hosting. Discuss considerations for selecting the right web hosting company for a small business. Blog about various add-ons and extra features that may or may not be included in web hosting plans. Discuss how important good technical support is when it comes to a web hosting company.

    Providing relevant and interesting content that readers can use is one way to make a name for yourself and generate business for your reseller hosting effort. In addition, mild promotion of your business, such as a by-line that includes a URL to your hosting resale site, is usually acceptable practice when you are a guest blogger on another blog.

    thank you.
  • hazel_PShazel_PS Registered Users
    - Shared it through forum posting or general posting or you can also mention your website blog.
    - through Social media you can promote the discount page.
  • AllysonRulesAllysonRules Registered Users
    I would suggest that you create a PR
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