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  • eashaksamir
    How to get backlinks to my website?
    Here are eight :
    1 The broken-link building method. ...
    2 Backlinks through infographics. ...
    3 The advantage of guest articles. ...
    4 Spy on your competitors. ...
    5 Build internal links. ...
    6 Promote your content. ...
    7 Write testimonials. ...
    8 Contact journalists and important bloggers.
    October 13
  • qipoint
    For gaining more traffic there are different ways such as:
    Social Media Activity (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, listy, Storify etc.)
    Content marketing
    Ask question and answering (yahoo, Quora)
    Referral Traffic
    Share videos and Slide

    October 10
  • rupay247
    7 Ways To Get Quality Backlinks

    1. Article Marketing
    2. Social Networking Site Profile
    3. Press Release
    4. Link Exchange
    5. Document Sharing Sites
    6. Guest Blogging
    7. Commenting
    September 19
  • Jamkim
    hello, My Rojgar Dhaba provide relevant information about mp govt jobs and MP Online Job
    September 2
  • faremakers
    <p><a href="">cheap flights ticket</a></p>

    On pages Optimization:

    1. Keyword Analysis
    2. Meta tag analysis
    3. Title tag
    4. Description tag
    5. Keywords tag
    6. Keyword research
    7. H1 and H2 tags
    8. Image Alt tag
    9. Content optimization
    10. Linking navigation
    11. W3c validation
    12. Google analytics
    13. Robots.txt
    14. Generate Sitemaps - html/xml (Google, Yahoo, MSN).
    15. Google webmaster tools
    16. Traffic analysis
    17. Meta Tag Writing and Optimization (Title, Keyword, Description)
    18. Rich snippets

    Off Pages Optimization
    1. Keyword Analysis,
    2. Social Media Profile Creation and Promotion,
    3. Search Engine Submission,
    4. Link Building (reciprocal, three ways, one way, paid link building)
    5. Maximum Directory Approvals Submission,
    6. Social Bookmarking,
    7. Link Exchange,
    8. Blog creation,
    9. Link Baiting,
    10. Video Promotions,
    11. Article Submission,
    12. Press Release Promotion,
    13. Classifieds Submission,
    14. Commenting Posting
    August 31
  • acchappy
  • samuelroy earned the 25 Likes badge.
    You received 25 Likes. You're posting some good content. Great!
    August 18
  • Jamkim
    Hi i am owner of a education website rojhgar Dhaba. I need to improve traffic on keywords that are - MP Govt Job, MP Online Job,
    MP Education Portal. This is for Madhya Pradesh state keywords. Tell if you have any solution.
    August 18