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today we have do very fun and with celebration christmas


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  • Re: What is major part of SEO..?

    SEO is based on the two major part, on-page seo and off-page seo; these two are the major SEO techniques that will help to increase the number of visitors in your search engine. To optimize the website you have to focus on the below points:-

    Keyword Research: - This is the technique, through which you can research keywords for your website and that will be searched on the basis of several factors like the search volume, competition on the basis of which keywords are searched. The keyword relevant to your service will raise the ranking of your website.

    The quality of Content: - The content found on the website must be unique and descriptive which describe your services excellently. You must use fresh & unique content which best describe to your website.

    Meta Title- Optimize the Meta title of your website as per the keyword you have found for your website, make an appropriate title which improves the ranking.

    Meta Description: - Update the Meta description in your website because it is the way which demonstrates the services in the precise form provided by your website to users.

    Heading Tag: - Heading improves the appearance of your web page by highlighting the important points of website. Optimize the heading tags of your website, it is from h1 to h6, you have to emphasize more on H1 and be careful H1 should be only one time on the website and it must be relevant to your keyword.

    Check the major issues on the website such as Redirection issue, Canonical issue, broken links, rectify error pages and remove it.

    Make sure that the URL structure of your website should be good in proper form, no number and any other auto-generated alphabet should be finding.

    There are having several off-page techniques which increase the traffic to your website, these techniques are such as:-

    Content Marketing

    Article Submission


    Blog Marketing

    Forum Marketing

    Video Marketing

    Link Bait

    Search Engine Submission

    Answer and Question

    These above are the major SEO techniques which are performed for every website; it is the common techniques perform by every website. With the integration of on-page & off-page technique, the ranking of website boost and the visitors are also increasing.
  • Re: How To: Use Forums For SEO

    SEO is believed to be the new success mantra for any business enterprise. Any company or individual that wishes to get noticed by the online audiences must get itself listed among the top names in the listings of popular search engines. It is said that you must be seen to be sold.

    This phrase is completely justified when it comes to Search engine optimization. Whenever one places any content online, like the company website, blog articles or sets up a forum, the sole purpose of the content is fulfilled only when more and more people visit the particular link and go through the content. This is where SEO has a great role to play.

    The latest way of increasing the efficiency of the SEO approach adopted is by appropriate Forum postings. When you create a forum, you wish to acquire the contribution and involvement of a large section of the population. Experts of the field state that forum postings often help a website get ranked at a much higher position while SEO.
  • Re: What is the name of first search engine?

    The first few hundred web sites began in 1993 and most of them were at colleges, but long before most of them existed came Archie. The first search engine created was Archie,