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today we have do very fun and with celebration christmas


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  • Re: Is there any other way to get website on the top without doing Off Optimization

    This question is a very good and important one as off page techniques should be regularly updated and many people don’t have enough time or don’t want to do it. So, for ranking your website in search engine without off page SEO, you need to do proper on page SEO. I can guarantee that it will work because 70% of the SEO work will be done by doing on page SEO. With on page SEO, you also need to focus on your title, meta keywords, focus keywords and meta description of the page.

    And one more helpful thing is you need to update contents regularly and it should be unique and relevant to the topic. I have worked for companies as freelancer and really this will work without any off page SEO.
  • Re: Why Public Relations are important in any Business Service?

    Most business executives dub PR as 'free advertising.' This could not be farther from the truth. It neither is advertising, nor is free. As a matter of fact, it may be costly, VERY costly, depending upon how it is used, because it's a time consuming and labor intensive process. Still while it almost is cliche; today, PR may make the claim that it'll give your business the best return for its marketing budget.

    .Public relations works through intermediaries
    .Public relations is messy
    .Public relations is personal
    .Public relations builds up credibility
    .Public relations is based on relationships
    .Public relations is opportunistic
    .Public relations is not free advertising
  • Re: How to Get Instant Traffic to My Website ?

    Could you please specify which kind of website? A product page? A service? Company? Blog?

    I could just give you an answer which I think applies to all of these pages: High quality content.

    In SEO at least, content is king. If you have high quality, relevant content linking to your page, it will most likely get read and possibly even shared. This would be the closest thing to “instant” traffic.