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today we have do very fun and with celebration christmas


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  • Re: How to increase impression for my website?

    Content marketing is very helpful in getting more impression for your website. By different off page activities like social bookmarking, directory submission, pdf submission, ppt submission, article submission, blogging, blog commenting, forum etc can get visitor for your website. You can also go for paid services like PPC.There are many ways to increase the impressions but I suggest you to go for white hat techniques only. make a unique content and participate on social media will gives.
  • Re: How to get quality backlinks

    11 ways to get quality backlinks for your website.

    1. Article Marketing2.
    2. Social Networking Site Profile.
    3. social book marking.
    4. Link Exchange.
    5. Document Sharing Sites.
    6. Guest Blogging.
    7. Commenting.
    8. Review your current backlink profile.
    9. Create a list of your top posts and keywords.
    10. Add long-form content to your site.
    11. Pitch your best content to websites.
  • Re: Process of Image optimization for improved SEO results

    Image optimization for reducing the size of the page: Images are one of the heaviest resources on web pages that increase the page load time of website and as we know page load time is a ranking factor so that is very important to optimize image to reduce page size.

    Optimize Image size: you can you Photoshop to optimize image size, just save it as “save for the web” and keep the quality 60 to 80 for JPG images. It will reduce the image size significantly without compromising the quality of the image.

    1.Serve different size images according to device size: Mobile and Tab have small screen size and need a smaller image that fit their screen size, So if we create different images for different display size and serve them accordingly it will save many bytes.

    Optimize Image for Indexing: Search engines can not read images efficiently so they used image file name, Alt tag and title tag to measure what about the image is. Best practice to optimize an Image are

    1. Custom file name, that will appear in image URL
    2. Custom Alt and Title tag
    3. Create an Image sitemap and submit to search console
  • Re: What are the benefits of SEO to a websites?

    SEO is a long-term process and it takes more time to visit top results on Google and other search engines but Its a most cost-effective technique and provides many benefits to a website if we get top ranking positions on search engines.

    Here are some benefits of SEO.

    1. increase organic traffic.
    2. Show long term results.
    3. Increase overall site visibility.
    4. Increase leads/sales.
    5. Increase brand awareness.