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  • Netpeak Spider for Comprehensive SEO Audit

    Netpeak Spider is a desktop tool which crawls your website like a search engine robot and detects key SEO issues that influence the website’s visibility in SERP. Netpeak Spider is available on Mac OS and Windows. These versions are a little different → you can find more details in our post.


    With Netpeak Spider you can:
    • Spot 60+ critical SEO issues such as broken links, dead ends, duplicate content: pages, title, meta description, h1 headers, etc.They are divided by the degree of criticality into errors, warnings, and notices.
    • Check 50+ key on-page SEO parameters of crawled URLs.
    • Calculate internal PageRank to improve website linking structure.
    • Analyze incoming and outgoing internal links and identify issues when using redirects (chains, redirects to 4xx error pages, blocked by Robots.txt, bad URL format redirects, endless redirects).
    • View page source and HTTP headers: it allows you to obtain URLs and redirects data, HTTP response and request headers, and a list of GET parameters.
    • Generate sitemaps: XML, Image and HTML.
    • Adjust Netpeak Spider to your own requirements using crawling modes for the entire website, the URL list or XML Sitemap. To check a certain part of the website, you can set custom crawling rules. You can also consider indexation instructions (Robots.txt, Meta Robots, X-Robots-Tag, Canonical, Refresh, nofollow attribute for links).
    • ‘Custom Search and Extraction’ function provides custom search of source code/text with 4 types of search: ‘Contains’, ‘RegExp’, ‘CSS selector’ or ‘XPath’.

    • Use overview panel for fast SEO audit with special status codes which show website’s indexation and potential issues.
    • After performing an in-depth analysis of the website, you will be able to save and export the received data to CSV.

    You can check out the whole list of issues and parameters with detailed description on our website.

    And make sure to give Netpeak Spider a go using 14-day free trial ;)