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  • Re: What is the means of noindex and nofollow attributes in seo ?

    Please see FAQ:

    Noindex is a HTML meta tag, which make the search engine bots avoid indexing the site. This can be usefull, if it is a new site under contruction with fx dublicate content from other older site - so when all 301 redirects are in place, then the noindex tag can be removed from code.

    best regards Folmand.
  • Re: New forum RULES - Please read before posting!

    @tasfee - We would like to give support to those who do have signature backlinks IF they are able to comment intelligent and relevant. That is sadly not the situation right now, and this is why we have to act pro-active. If you would like to be able to make signature backlinks, then write a lot of really good posts, maybe submit unique articles with a high academic level, and then apply for permission for signature linking by contacting the staff.
  • New forum RULES - Please read before posting!

    New forum rules

    As everyone is probably aware, we have big problems with camouflaged spam messages. We have started several initiatives to reduce spam, and raise the academic level of this forum. Automated Spam filtering will never work 100% and therefore we will enforce new forum rules which have to be respected, otherwise it will lead to the temporary ban or permanent bans depending on spam characteristics.

    Our goal is to create the world's best SEOforum, with high professional academic level, minimum spam and comprehensive articles, FAQ's and posts in general.

    1) It is not permitted to make outgoing / outbound links in posts. If you would like to make outbound links you can apply for it by contacting the site staff. To be allowed to make outbound links, you have to demonstrate you have made several qualitative posts, which have helped to raise Seoforums.orgs academic level, and covering previously unanswered questions.

    2) All new topics started, must be relevant, and you must check that there is not a similar topic already. All startups topics must contain aminimum of 25 words, and bear the mark of an attempt to find answers in the forum already.

    3) All posts that contain offensive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening or sexually-oriented material will be removed and the author will be banned immediately.

    4) People who want Noob / basic questions answered, please ask questions at the top FAQ thread which is sticky in every sub forum. Then the question will be answered and incorporated into the FAQ post. Of cause make sure question has not already been previously answered.

    5) If you have questions regarding the rules or want to help with moderation, writing articles or other constructive initiatives, please contact theadministrators / moderators.
  • Please stop posting for personal SEO purpose only

    This forum is getting a higher degree of spammed posts whose only purpose is to create signature backlinks that only serve their own SEO purposes. In the near future we will take firm action against these spammers - not to be evil, but to keep a high quality among topics in this forum. Henceforth, all spam posts will be deleted immediately and the users banned, so do not to waste our and your own time. Keep quality high and we will create the same world's best SEO forum.
  • Re: FAQ - Frequenly asked questions for GOOGLE

    I will lock this thread since there are to many spam comments. Please PM me for suggestions for FAQ updates.