New to SEO, Need Advice on Link Building

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Hey you guys,

I'm fairly new to SEO. I have my first website and want to begin trying to rank for it. I'm very technical, so building a website, on-page optimization, and the technical aspects have been really easy so far, but backlinking seems very daunting. Based off the countless of support platform video and online blog posts, I've read on the subject, there seems to be a lot of ways to get panalized, and I don't want that for this website.

I also see a lot of people saying to do guest post, but that doesnt make sense to, in doing keyword research, i have one competitor who has over 200 referring backlinks and about 240 regular bcklinks. Thats a good ratio from what I've been learning. I wanted to try to rank for the keyword, but writting 200+ guest articles would be so time consuming and that's only on 1 webpage, not considering I have about 6 webpages I want to rank over time. I do know ranking a webpage takes time and I don't mind that but I know I have to be approved by the owner of the blog, there is no guarentee I will get a backlink, so what are the ways in which companies and others are getting backlinks on a consistent basis?

Also, how do you rank a product/service page? I know its the same method of ranking a blog post, but wouldn't people see me backlinking to a service as spammy. These are the things that are confusion me. I desperately want to learn back linking, but I'm not sure what is safe to actually do. Can someone please help, I have done so much research and at this point, I need an actual person who can assist me.
I've also purchased ahrefs, so I see my competition, but I don't know how to get backlinks from what I see, please advise on what I can do? I'm really serious about learning backlinking.

Thanks so much for reading this post.
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