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pawansinghpawansingh New DelhiRegistered Users
Hello Everyone,
what can i do for first page ranking. my almost keyword are still 2nd page to 5th page..


  • Walkthroughs12Walkthroughs12 Registered Users
    Social media , blog posting , article submission
    Thanks , :(
  • chandanachandana TutorsWeb, India.Registered Users
    Keep on submitting in directories, blog directories, classifieds, business listing and social media sites. Submit your site news in different press release sites
  • Raaavi1Raaavi1 Registered Users

    Try doing as below,

    * Write high quality content , backlink the correct keyword, and Minimum of 500 words per article
    * try to identify the keywords coming on the first page and write a quality content with with those keywords & back link the keyword [ don't do more than 2 backlink for 500 words]
    * do profile building in High DA sites. Make sure not to spam.

  • inventive007inventive007 Princeton, New JerseyRegistered Users
    Do the panda, penguin safe backlinking.
    Refer multiple offpage activities with taking care of following parameteres
    1. TF should be more than 15
    2. DA should be equal or more than 30
    3. Proper use of Anchor text
    4. Strong On page

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  • williamjohnwilliamjohn Los AngelesRegistered Users
    Build quality backlink to get rank faster in Google
  • pass4surepass4sure USARegistered Users
    build web 2.0 baclinks
  • Steffy_BerlinSteffy_Berlin Registered Users
    Provide quality content to your websites with meta tags, meta descriptions which help to expose your business fast.
    Do best keyword research, learn best online marketing techniques such as SEO,SEM,SMM,Blog, Articles....

    Steffy, BizbillaB2B
  • ronakronak Registered Users
    All the basic submissions won't help into ranking on front page, it would hold the targeted keyword on 2 or any of the next page.

    For ranking on 1st page, you need linking from higher authority sites but not submissions ones. Try to get home page linking from authorized sites which has better DA, PA. Increase the same in quantity and then you might find the result.

    Hope all the on-page factors are very well implemented on the site!!
  • itswebitsweb Registered Users
    So if is in 2nd page then you have done something good, but you need to play smart now to get into 1st page of SERP. The best way is article submission in your blog and sharing and promoting the posts on various social media websites.
  • marketingmasalamarketingmasala Registered Users
    Here are a number of activities you could engage yourself in:
    1)Share your content on social media by scheduling and interacting with influencers.
    2)Covert your content into infographics and share them on social media. Also submit the same on infographic submission sites. This will help in getting link back to your site.
    3)Write about your industry on other sites as a guest blogger and get a link back to your site.
    4)Submit your startups and business on directories to get backlinks.

    The main thing I am saying is once you are done with your keyword optimisation, try gaining backlinks from high authority sites.

    For a detailed insight you may refer to my blog on

    Hope it helps!
  • fastlanelocalfastlanelocal San Antonio, TXRegistered Users
    All of the above plus patience. None of this comes overnight and most business owners want exactly that. Fast results and it simply doesn't work that way. Provide great content on your site, link to other pages on your site. Be genuine when posting on forums. Provide some form of value first to your business owners. Let them know you want results for them before you want their money. Always use keywords in your pictures on your website, never just upload pictures and not save them with keyword rich texts. This will help your site get found over other site owners that did not take the time to do that. Hopefully that helps in some way. Nathan

    "People Before Profit"
  • shabdlishabdli puneRegistered Users


    Ways to improve the SEO search engine rankings for your blog. In order to learn more of other tricks related to rankings,

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  • samuelroysamuelroy Delray BeachRegistered Users
    I suggest On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques are more important rank the keywords in the first page.
  • semidotsemidot IndiaRegistered Users
    build more and more content for specific keyword which you have on 2nd page and 5th page. use target keyword in all seo activities like title, description, keyword and body part.
  • digitalpugsdigitalpugs IndiaRegistered Users
    FOr getting rank one on page you should remember some quality points-
    Content should be quality and unique
    Web site should be user friendly
    Website should be SEO Friendly
  • govindrajputgovindrajput ahmedabadRegistered Users
    Being visible on the first page of Google's search results plays a vital role in getting new business. A website on the first page of any search engine's keyword search gets more visitors than a website that shows up on the second or third page. Anyone running an online business or website knows this to be true. Why not focus on having your website on the 1st page of Google? Most businesses fail to achieve first page search results due to many factors. One of the most common factors is that the competition is spending thousands of dollars a month on SEO to achieve first page rankings

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