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vipulvipul Registered Users
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Hi Friends i am new in SEO

Can anyone tell me how the press release is useful to increase Backlinks ?
In present time how press realies is worthy for getting backlinks ?

Plz give reply as possible as fast



  • nikhilrawat77nikhilrawat77 DelhiRegistered Users
    yes definitely
  • AllysonRulesAllysonRules Registered Users
    It does I mean you are trying to introduce your product or service. With that it becomes visible, you will start driving traffic and it can affect your ranking on search engines.
  • suryakumarsuryakumar Registered Users
    Yes If you are launching new product into market for the first time than PR will works very good. It draws good enough traffic to you or If you are achieved some than also it good. But mostly are paid one's.
  • EvelynEvelyn Registered Users
    Yes, press release helps to get backlinks. But first, they were used by giving anchor text in a keyword to get backlinks. But now the effectiveness of press release is by giving a briefly defined detail about your product and description and using them as a backlink tool . It's full benefit arises by knowing what you are writing and try to understand your customers.
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  • EsferasinghEsferasingh MohaliRegistered Users
    Press release submission Increased Traffic and Sales. Press releases are a great way for an artist to add to their marketing and promotional campaigns. It is a medium that is controlled by the artist in terms of “message” and “target audience”.
  • MashfiMashfi DhakaRegistered Users
    Hi friends, can you tell how can i create prease release accounts, and please help get some prees realese links.
    Thanks a lot.
  • OliviaBloggerOliviaBlogger Registered Users
    I also want to get Press Release links. Is there places from where i can always receive Press Release about the Technologies?
  • semidotsemidot IndiaRegistered Users
    If you have any event or news related website or blog then you can use press release as quality link building. It gives authentic dofollow links which be alive forever.
  • appkodesappkodes USARegistered Users
    A New Opportunity to Reach Your Targeted Audience. Press release distribution services are industry-specific and ensure location targeting, a prominent advantage that increases your odds of promoting your message in front of an audience that is more likely to respond to your CTAs.
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